Pezhamn Fattahi was born on the 12th of October 1962, in Teheran, Iran.
There, at the age of six, he became a member of the "Christa - School". In 1973, he began his studies on the Violin at the Conservatory for Music in Teheran. On top of that, he received a general education to an O-level similar graduation.
From 1973 to 1979 he attended and took part in a number of Solo concerts hosted by the conservatory in Tehran. In 1977, after successful recordings with the Royal Orchestra from Teheran, Mr. Fattahi received a scholarship from the Persian Ministry for Culture to study at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester with Professor Clifford Knowels.

In 1978, after receiving a scholarship from the Niedersachsische Ministry, Mr. Fattahi continued his studies at the Staatlichen Hochschule for Music and Theater in Hannover, Germany. There he studied with Professor A. Aydinant, and later with Professor Ramy Shevelov.
After Professor Shevelov moved to New York to teach at Julliard, he continued his studies with Professor O. Yatco.

During his studies in Hannover, Mr. Fattahi received chamber music lessons from Professor Bruno Giurrana in Detmold, Germany.
In 1979, together with his pianist Karl Bergemann, Pezhamn held a number of solo concerts throughout Germany.
From 1981 to 1983, Pezhamn began teaching privately at the High School in Hagen, Germany.
From 1983 to 1984, he worked with the Chamber Orchestra of the Young German Philharmonic. And in 1987, he graduated from the Staatlichen Hochschule for Music and Theater, in Hannover, and was accepted into the school to receive a solo degree.
in 1989, he took part in the Salzburger Festspiele with the chamber orchestra, "Fonte di Musica".
From 1990 to 1993 he coached Young European Musicians under President Sir Yehudi Menuhin.
In 1993, Fattahi played together in Italy with famous musicians such as; Crtomir Siskovic, Concert Master in Parma, Giovanni Angeleri, a prize-winner of the Paganini Competition, and Mathias Boegner, the Concertmaster in The Dolomites, Italy. Mr. Fattahi has also played concerts in Ohel Schem(Tel Aviv) and in the Haifa auditorium in Israel. He has also played with such groups as, "Ensemble Modern" under Mr. Feidmann in the Old Opera house in Frankfurt.
In 1992 until 1995, he worked as the String teacher at the Music School in Erbach, Germany.
In 1995, Pezhamn conducted the musicals, "Anatevka" and, "Der Mann von Lamancha" at the Waldorfschule in Illerblick. Throughout the years, Pezhman Fattahi has also played Duo's and Solo concerts with many different orchestras such as the Augsburg Theater Orchestra and the Theater Orchestra in Stuttgart.