Here you can find some reviews of concert and gigs with Pezhman Fatahi.

Happy and wistful
schwäbisches Tagblatt - Do. 13. Mai 1993
[...]Fatahi inspired his audience with his perfect prestidigitation
and his sensetive bowing. With sparkling vitality he played the
concert for violine from Johann Sebastian Bach, and gently he
hijacked his listener in a world of feeling from Friedrich Schubert.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Sound feeling and emotionale depth
Südwest Presse - 5. April 2006
[...]The equal integrating duo took the audience in
Griegs F - Dur - Sonate in ban of nordic romance, which moves
in blithe melody flow , gives wistful lyric room, too.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Fatahis presents a nice matinee
Hagener Rundschau
[...]In front of a bigger audience the violinist Pezhman Fatahi
and his brother, the solo viola player of the orchestra of Hagen,
Beijan Fatahi played chamber musicaly duos for violin and viola from Mozart,
Haydn and H. Degen. And they played a effective transcription of
the Passacaglia of Händel and j. Halvorsen, too.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Brithday serenade
Hannoversche Allgemeine
[...]The Violinist von Knorr made several sonates for violine.
Pezhaman Fatahi (violine) and Fabian Dobler (piano) played the
third one very impressive. They understood especially fitting and gave
it woodcut - like sharp contures.[...] the full article (in germany only)

No pigtail, no headdress

[...]Pezhman Fatahi (violine) succeeded with his insprired play in the
Corelli - Sonate VIII e-moll a calm, internalize interpretation.
Otherwise he played the fast party fresh and doughty and teraced dynamics.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Vinnese and simple like a folk song

[...]The programme of a concert was opend with Schubert.
And indeed with the rondo for violine and strings A-Dur 438.
There Pezhman Fatahi played the solo part.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Musicaly lightfooted

[...]Pezhman Fatthi of Iran had no trouble with his solo parts.
He play virtous the candences and gave the singing parts much
feeling. And the flowers of the evening appropriate him.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Bach an the rainbow
Reutlinger GeA - Do. 13. Mai 1993
[...]At the bravoura performance of the romanitc the solist and the
orchestra found splendid together. With much expression and the
necessairy shot of virtuosity Fatahi knowed the making of the
interaction of cradling refrain and colourful couplet.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Melodic Mastership
Südwest Presse - 30. April 1996
[...]Spuned web, with fully nuances, fragant and beathing.
A soft cord of the violine elicited a lyric melody,
with Pezhman Fatthi painted soundfully. [...] the full article (in germany only)

The mixing is important

[...]They made a new program and hitted the bullseye.
You can't name the musical together of the violinist
Pezhman Fatahi (Teheran) and Juriko Akimoto (Kobe).[...] the full article (in germany only)

Multifarious playing the violine
Schwäbische Zeitung - 31. Januar 1995
[...]For Pezhamn Fatahi ist was the first gig in Langenau,
but he played himself into the hearts of his audience.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Brahms was the absolute climax.
- 9. Februar 1995
[...]With the sonate op. 108, Nr 3 from Johann Brahms,
the both interprets took all registers of their ability,
what was thanked with long aplause and the wish for more.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Faszinated playing

[...]Pezhman Fatahi, born in Teheran, who is violinist of a
concert and teacher in the Waldorfschule Ulm, showed with
his firs bowing his competence. His access hearted and his wonderful
technic convinced. He knows to design, kows how to build action
and climexes, which also has oases of peace.[...] the full article (in germany only)

A duo earns enthusiasm

[...]Intensiv and ex expressive the both musicans Fatahi
as violinist and Asiaten at the piano, played works from
Robert Schumann till Fritz Kreisler. Fastly game and a
save virtuousity showed since the beginning a high niveau
of the concert.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Pezhman Fatahi & Karl Bergemann
Hamburger Stadtmusikatzen - 15. Juni 1986
[...]Today again a highly talented violinist, who has
studied at the public university for Music and Theater:
The persian violinist Pezhamn Fatahi. Prof. Karl Bergemann,
who attended the young artist on the piano, is truely
excited of Fatahis interpretion of the famous piano piece.[...] the full article (in germany only)

Musical goody

[...]Pezhman Fatahi showed a prominent performance.
His fingers and the bow danced sensibel and virtous over the
strings of his violine and manhandled technical
difficult passages bravouros.[...] the full article (in germany only)